Wayforward Announces The Mummy Demastered on Consoles and PC

The Mummy’s reboot is in theaters, but doesn’t have a tie-in game available – or even an app. It’s a bit odd, but made a bit more sense today thanks to WayForward. They announced today that they are developing The Mummy Demastered for PC and consoles. The exact consoles weren’t named, but an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release seems save to assume. Based on the single screenshot released, it has a bit of Contra action with a Metroidvania-style map on the bottom-right of the screen. With WayForward’s high level of quality, it should be an outstanding 2D sidecrolling action game, but time will tell if it’s more Contra than Metroid, or a blend of the two. Either way, it looks outstanding and should be an interesting game to try out whenever it is finally released in August.