Collector’s Cabinet: Rez Infinite Vinyl Soundtrack

There’s nothing quite like owning physical goods, but they can be expensive and shelf space can come at a premium. Every month, Hardcore Gamer picks a premium collectible from our cavernous swag vaults and tells you whether it’s worth a spot in your Collector’s Cabinet.

Rez is one of those games that just stands the test of time. As such, Rez Infinite managed to not only be a great update on PS4, but somehow one of the best PS VR games straight out of the gate. In and of itself, an on-rails shooter is nothing all that exciting. Where the title excels is its music and visuals which come together with gameplay in an absolutely perfect way. This means that any opportunity to buy the soundtrack should be met with acclaim. iam8bit, the company best known for bringing exclusive game soundtrack vinyl to collectors, made one heck of a smart move to release an album alongside Rez Infinite’s PS4 release.

Sure, it didn’t actually quite launch on time, but when it did arrive all complaints stopped. The Rez Infinite vinyl soundtrack is one item that captures the feel of Rez and honors the game. Everything comes packaged within a large, hardback retrospective book. The book itself has a cool clear sleeve which completes the artwork on the front of the book. Once cracked open, the book reveals 64 pages of content. There’s text from Enhance Games and the original developers about the making of Rez as well as innumerable glossy art prints and screenshots. Any and all fans will likely feel themselves obsessively looking through the retrospective book at least twice.

Of course, it isn’t just a book. On both inside flaps are cardboard sleeves housing two albums. There is also a third bonus 7” vinyl included in the back. iam8bit initially offered two editions of the Rez Infinite soundtrack with the main distinction being the vinyl designs. The pricier limited edition’s discs were black and depicted the player avatar in its different stages on each side. It’s a stunning set and owners are lucky to have it. I, on the other hand, made it in time for the standard orange vinyl edition. Pictures on the store page depict the two discs as orange and yellow but that isn’t quite right. Mine are actually both orange, with the second one actually being translucent. The 7” bonus offers a mixed coloration of white and black in a slightly artistic grey mess. There are no other designs to speak of on this edition of the vinyl.

I’ll admit that the color of the standard edition vinyl doesn’t quite make sense to me. Yes, the level 1 player avatar is orange and so is the original game logo. But it doesn’t feel like quite the same orange – Rez’s signature orange has more yellow infused within it. Either way, the translucent second disc is neat to look at if you’ve not seen one before. The bare cardboard retrospective book cover also seems a seriously odd design choice. Fortunately, the lovely gold foil design on the front mostly makes up for it.

The two main discs offer Rez’s soundtrack over the span of four sides. The bonus one specifically features the new music from Area X (the new zone created specifically for PS4). This was an ingenious move because, prior to this, the main way people were listening to Area X tracks was by simply ripping game audio. And yes, while fans have certainly heard the main soundtrack plenty of times by now, they’ve never heard it on vinyl. You do not need to actually play the game to get a sense for Rez’s characteristic mood. It comes to life the minute the needle finds a groove on Side A and doesn’t let up until you’ve completed listening to the 2xLP set in one sitting.

Vinyl is iam8bit’s specialty and they excel at it. The audio quality on display for Rez Infinite is impeccable and the packaging shows due reverence for this classic game. The company still carries a line of Rez items such as t-shirts, pins and even a physical edition of the game on PS4, but there’s no doubt that the soundtrack is their crown jewel. The Rez Infinite vinyl is still available in its standard edition from iam8bit if you’re willing to shell out $75 to add it to your collection.

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