Microïds Bringing Syberia Trilogy, More to Nintendo Switch

Third-party support has certainly seen a more vocal increase on Nintendo’s current platform compared to the Wii U but it’s rare for a developer/publisher to announce not just one game heading to the platform, but a slew of them all in the same go. But that’s exactly what Microïds have just done. The publisher has confirmed that on top of the series’ third outing — which recently released on PS4, Xbox One & PC — the Syberia trilogy will be making its way onto Switch in the near future, albeit released as separate titles. The original Syberia will be made available in Q3 of this year, the sequel in Q4 with Syberia 3 releasing sometime in the first quarter of 2018. No details on the nature of these titles — whether the first two games are in fact current-gen remasters or simply direct ports of the original releases — has so far been given.

Microïds have also announced other upcoming titles to follow in the near-future. Eden Games’ racing-sim Gear.Club — currently available for mobile devices — will be making its way onto consoles first on Switch and will launch in the forth quarter of this year. Blacksad, a 3D adventure-mystery game set in the 1950’s by developers Pendulo Studios and Ys Interactive, based on the graphic novel of the same name, is slated for a late 2018 release on Switch alongside PS4, Xbox One & PC. Finally, Paul Cuisset’s 1992 release of Flashback is getting a remaster and will land on Switch in the forth quarter of this year.