MotoGP 17 Brings the 2017 Season

The official MotoGP game, MotoGP 17 takes on the mantle to represent the 2017 season of Grand Prix motorcycle racing. Featuring offline game modes Grand Prix with quick race and weekend options, the expected Championship, Time Attack, and Split Screen variety along with Managerial and Rider Career modes, there’s structure here for those who look for it. Boasting a smooth 60 FPS performance, a staple in modern racers, along with improved AI and real-world sounds, the latest MotoGP hopes to be the top of its class in simulation. It may be a bit more niche than the car racing titles out there, but it’s not planning to be a sloucher.

See the 2017 Season trailer for MotoGP 17 below. MotoGP 17 is headed out July 11 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.