NA LCS Summer Split Week 2 Day 1 Predictions

The LCS is back and week one is in the books. After the week one festivities, I think we can all agree that it didn’t go like we anticipated. The top teams are at the bottom and the bottom teams are at the top, not only that but they’re looking good there too. Here are the standings going into week two.

1. Counter Logic Gaming, Team Dignitas, Immortals, Echo Fox

5. Team EnVy, Team SoloMid

7. Team Liquid, Cloud9, FlyQuest, Phoenix1

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “It’s week two none of this means anything.” You’re right, standings and most importantly the play of all the teams is bound to improve. Some that are at the top now are bound to fall and those at the bottom are bound to rise. Every game of every match matters so even the loss in game one for a team that wins the series means something. Enough of that, here’s the matches for day one.

  • Phoenix1 vs Cloud9 (1-2)
  • Immortals vs Team EnVy (2-1)

Both P1 and C9 had a week they’d like to forget during week one and both sit at the bottom of the ladder. C9 had a tough draw going against CLG which is always a tough match and following that up with the Spring Split Champions TSM. CLG has put a lot of time into getting their new roster on the same page and it seems to be paying off while TSM is always C9’s kryptonite. P1 fell to the new look Immortals and Team EnVy.

This for both teams is an important match to make their jungle/mid lane synergy stronger. When Contractz played around Jensen he was at his best and they managed to snowball a lot of games. For Inori it’s about protecting his mid laner and also getting a great start out of it. The more he’s on top of things the more confidence he gets and he rolls that into the team’s performances. Same applies for it P1 decides to go with Meteos at all. Getting strong plays early for these guys does is everything.

With that being said I’m expecting C9 to win this matchup mainly because I believe they’re the better team. I’m not a big fan of their Xayah and Rakan bot lane, or not seeing Impact at all so far, but they know how to adjust and win from behind better than anyone.

As for the second match, we have two teams at the top. Immortals are playing so much better now that they have a proven leader on their team. No offense to anyone that was there before or still present, but Xmithie has them trending in the right direction. The Notorious P.O.B. isn’t alone anymore and can continue to do whatever the team needs him to and have some support. That and the bot lane seems to be playing better together as well.  While it’s all well and good that Immortals are better Team EnVy isn’t a slouch anymore now that they have Pirean in the mid lane. That’s just a joke, we have no idea how things are going to turn out for them, but for right now Lira has some help that seems to be working out.

I don’t think his new found help will be enough to stop Immortals though as Xmithie leads them back to the promised land. I’m expecting them to take the series 2-1.