E3 2017: Battlefront II Features Hero System Refinements, More

At the EA Play Live press conference on Saturday, DICE unveiled a slew of new details concerning Battlefront II’s multiplayer system, including refinements to its hero system, a new game mode, and the announcement that all DLC will be free.

The biggest thing is that heroes will no longer be a random pickup, but rather a purchase you make with the new in-match credits that you will be racking up as you get kills and play objectives. This also means that more than one player on either team can play as a hero at one time. You’ll be able to play as any hero no matter the era you’re playing in or the map you’re playing on. The only caveat is that if you’re playing for the dark side, you have to play as bad guys, and vice versa. Hero abilities will also be customizable, making heroes even more deadly.

Other non-hero characters like Super Battle Droids, Jumptroopers, and more will be available for in-match purchase as well.

Galactic Assault will be a new game mode that pits players against one another in a three-stage battle (much like Operations in Battlefield 1) where the battle will be taken to different maps based on who wins each round.

Post release content — maps, characters, and more, will all be free, according to Jaina Gavankar, the actress behind Battlefront II’s main character Iden Versio, who hosted a portion of the presentation.

Battlefront II is slated for a November 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.