E3 2017: Rumors Suggest Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pushed Back into 2018

For a series as vast and as expansive as the Xenoblade games, many people immediately thought Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s scheduled release sometime in 2017, was itself ambitious, to say the least. Well it seems that an anonymous source has stipulated that what many believed, may turn out to be true. A source at GameStop has told GoNintendo that the game has been pushed back until February 2018. Not the biggest of delays — four months tops more than likely — and perhaps not so surprising, but disappointing nonetheless.

Alongside this, it’s been suggested that another anticipated Switch title, Super Mario Odyssey, could be releasing in November — November 17 to be exact. The game had previously set its sights on a ‘Holiday 2017’ release when it debuted at Nintendo’s Switch Presentation early in the year. We’ll have to see what the fate of both Odyssey & Xenoblade will be when Nintendo’s own ‘Spotlight’ presentation kicks off June 13.