E3 2017: Enjoy This Montage of ID@Xbox Games

In what almost feels like an annual tradition now at Microsoft’s E3 press conferences, a sizzle reel of upcoming indie games for the Xbox One under the ID@Xbox label was shown off for all to enjoy, which you can also check out below. Some of the notable highlights this year include Fortnite, Astroneer, Ooblets, Hello Neighbor, Strange Brigade, and several others, including those that got more detailed showcases during the rest of the conference.

Two potentially new titles did stand out, though. The first was the almost Rayman Origins-esque looking action-platformer Unruly Heroes, seen near the beginning of the clip, and another 2D platformer with an art style similar to Furi, Shift, was showcased near the end. Details on either game seem to be rather scarce (not helping in the latter’s case that Late Shift and Shift Happens were two other ID@Xbox games already released this year, cluttering up research), but we’ll keep you informed if more on either game surfaces. For now, enjoy what the Xbox One has to offer on the indie front in the future.