NA LCS Summer Split Week 2 Day 3 Predictions

We’re entering the final day and the top of the table is still intact. Today, two teams are undefeated and have a chance to break away from the pack. Here are the standings going into day three:

1. Counter Logic Gaming, Team Dignitas, Immortals, Team EnVy

5. Echo Fox

6. Team SoloMid, Cloud9

8. Team Liquid, FlyQuest, Phoenix1

If both CLG and DIG win they can claim the number one spot and remain undefeated. For Dig that shouldn’t be much of an issue with the struggling TL, but CLG has a much tougher test ahead. Everyone else is fighting to break away from the lower part of the pack. Two of the three teams to not find a win so far take the stage while TSM and C9 are looking to get a good trend going. Here are the matchups for today:

  • Echo Fox vs Cloud9 (1-2)
  • Team Dignitas vs Team Liquid (2-0)
  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Team SoloMid (2-1)
  • Phoenix1 vs FlyQuest (2-1)

C9 should win out the week here as they take on Echo Fox. If Echo can’t find their footing after three seasons maybe we’ll see some members of the meme team take the stage again. Jokes aside it’s been a rough couple of splits for EF and this one isn’t looking like it’ll end that streak. C9 started the week out with a win against P1, here’s to hoping they keep the streak alive and return to form.

Dignitas is undefeated. This time last split they started their epic collapse before finding themselves after the midway point. It seems that whatever they found out then they’ve worked on and refined to keep them at the top now.  In the very opposite spot is TL, who like EF, have had a rough go for a while now. The last split they benched GoldenGlue and he took the Korean pilgrimage. Now he’s returned and they’re still not where they want to be. If this continues it’ll be interesting to see what changes they make to curve the mentality. There’s no Doublelift to bail them out this time.

CLG vs TSM is another battle of the old guard. Two of the original teams are duking it out and in reverse spots. CLG sit atop the table with Dig and TSM are looking up seated in 6. Make no mistake, this match can go either way. I believe CLG can win if they manage to keep Dardoch on a carry. That allows them to have pressure all around the map. If he isn’t he’ll need a great start on whatever else he chooses to play. On the other side, TSM needs a big day from Sven. Not that he’s the reason why they’re losing but in this match, he can easily be the reason why they win. Pressure Dardoch and it opens up a lot for your squad.

Funnily enough two teams sharing the last place were in the third place match not too long ago. P1 and Fly haven’t found a win yet and one of them still won’t have one after today. My guess is that will be Fly. Fly benefited a lot from the cheese picks and their strategy throughout the game. Now that they don’t really have any picks left to show, or at least they haven’t shown them so far, they’re sitting in last. Hai and co. will figure something out, but in the meantime, I don’t think they win this one.