E3 2017: Absolver Delivers the Drunken Master in a New Trailer

Absolver has been one of the year’s most anticipated games, largely thanks to its incredibly deep combat system. Among its wide variety of martial arts techniques to use are different stances to try out, and today during an E3 stream on Twitch, Devolver Digital and developers Slocap revealed a new stance for the game, one that may be familiar to connoisseurs of Jackie Chan films and the like: The Stagger style.

Yes, fans of the classic drunk boxing style will now be able to customize their character with it and try it out in Absolver’s mesmerizing world (although the name of the style has been changed to keep it more accessible). Emphasis has been placed on the fluidity of the attacks this unorthodox style delivers, deceiving opponents with sways and stumbles, as seen in the trailer below. As announced last month, Absolver will be released on August 29 for the PC and PS4, so those of you wanting to live out your favorite martial arts fantasies should not miss out on this third-person brawler when that date comes.