E3 2017: Compare Old With New in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Launch Trailer

Crash has come a long way since his PS1 days, even if his first outing in years is a visit to his origins.  The crazed marsupial was always a weird one, but his success paved the way for Naughty Dog to become the studio it is today while also becoming one of the faces of Sony’s first system. While the PS1 never had a mascot like Sonic or Mario (purple spikey-headed Polygon Man is forgotten for a reason) Crash was as close as it would ever get.

Now the remaster of Crash’s original trilogy is just about ready to launch, so E3 is a perfect time for a trailer. The first 15 seconds are a direct comparison of the original look to the update, and honestly I’d have been perfectly happy if the entire trailer had done this. Still, it’s good to see Crash ready for his return on June 30, so here’s the trailer to introduce whatever a bandicoot is to an entire new generation that somehow grew up without him.