E3 2017: El Presidente Rules Again in Tropico 6

Political turmoil and social unrest are certainly aplenty as of late and that’s no different in the World of Tropico with the series’ sixth main outing finally unveiled by Kalypso Media — developed, for the first time, by Limbic Entertainment. What’s also new and making a first appearance for the series is the ability to manage multiple islands and even whole archipelagos at once, not to mention the ability to construct features such as bridges alongside island infrastructure.

You can even send armed forces off into the World to steal even the greatest of items, including the Statue of Liberty of all things. Kalypso claim Tropico 6 will be the most ambitious and most beautiful entry in the series so far, though whether that added beauty will come by way of support from PS4 Pro or perhaps Xbox One X remains to be seen. Nevertheless, Tropico 6 will be available sometime next year for PS4, Xbox One & PC. Check out the game’s official announcement trailer below.