E3 2017: Hyperkin Revives the Original Xbox Controller: The Duke

Remember several months back when Seamus Blackley announced he was working on a remake of the original Duke Xbox controller?  Well it’s real, it’s happening, and peripheral manufacturer Hyperkin has brought it to E3.  The new version of the old, divisive classic design will be compatible with the Xbox One in all iterations (normal, S, and X) plus PC, with a few improvements.  The nine foot detachable USB cable is nice, but it’s now also got bumpers to supplement the triggers for modern game control standards.  It’s also got an LED screen in place of the logo bezel to display… an animated logo.  Eh, it’s a bit of flash over substance but also fun, so that’s ok.  All six face buttons are still in place, and the casing is still large enough to house a family of squirrels.  The Duke was a polarizing controller, but its unique properties made it a memorable one as well.  It comes out in time for the holidays this year, so stretch your hands and get ready to wrangle the controller that only came in second in size to Steel Battalion’s.