E3 2017: Klei Entertainment Reveal New Sci-fi RPG Griftlands

Klei Entertainment can always be counted on as a source of incredible games with attractive, cartoonish styles, as Shank, Don’t Starve, and the recent Oxygen Not Included have proven, to name a few titles. Such an aesthetic has been spread across several genres, but now Klei is delving into the world of role-playing games with their new sci-fi title, Griftlands, which was unveiled today during the PC Gaming Show with a trailer that you can check out below.

Details concerning the gameplay and plot are scarce right now, but you can see glimpses of it in the clip, showing off combat, discussions, and an overworld map, among other things. What we do get a lot of is some stellar information and a killer ’80s synth track, setting the mood quite perfectly. The ending also suggests that there will be several different ways to approach the game’s situations, which should make for an interesting experience. Griftlands is due out in either late 2017 or early 2018 for the PC right now (with the former possibly being an Early Access date), so keep an eye out for it.