E3 2017: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Shows Off Story Mode with Demo

During the PlayStation conference at E3, a fight between heroes and villains is upping the ante. Characters in this crossover game have to work together to defeat a much larger threat in a more ultimate form of Ultron.

The footage shows a number of Marvel characters such as Captain America, Gamora and Doctor Strange working alongside some from Capcom like Chun-Li, Mega Man and Dante. But heroes aren’t all who appear. They ask for help from Thanos to track down Infinity Stones and defeat Ultron.

The full game will be available September 19. You can experience some of the storyline from the game in a demo version which is available to download right now! A deluxe edition has been announced as well and will feature 6 DLC characters and costumes. Have a look at the action to come in the reveal trailer below.