E3 2017: See Hell Raised in This Far Cry 5 Gameplay Clip

As was expected, Far Cry 5 had a notable influence at Ubsifot’s E3 press conference this year. After a quick trailer giving us a look at our creepy new villain this time around, cult leader Joseph Seed, we then immediately leaped into a clip showing some gameplay, including what appeared to be a stronghold mission with a hostage situation. So remember when we questioned if Montana would be a good enough setting for the game? Yeah, it’s safe to say those doubts may be behind us, given the insanity Holt County can apparently offer.

Let’s see, we have snipers, trained attack dogs that can fetch guns, six-shooters, crop duster air strikes, the ability to run over enemies with a thresher, cozy houses with a lot of death in them, and more. It’s the kind of raucous action the franchise is best known for, and it looks to be a hoot indeed. So watch the clips below, then get ready to see small town America explode in a big way when Far Cry 5 comes out for the PC, XB1, and PS4 on February 27, 2018.