E3 2017: Skyrim Comes to Switch this Winter, Includes amiibo Support

While it’s been half a decade since its release, Skyrim is finding a new home on the Nintendo Switch. This will give new gamers a chance to check out such a sprawling epic as well as old familiars who want to try it out in a different way.

The trailer was revealed during Bethesda’s E3 conference to the tune of Passion Pit’s “Take a Walk.” While the upbeat music doesn’t match the tone of Skyrim, at least the lyrics did. It shows the Dragonborn wandering around and fighting various monsters. You can also use the Joy-Con motion controls to wield a sword, shield block, shooting your bow and even picking locks.

There was also a surprising Legend of Zelda cameo in the video. Using a Breath of the Wild Link amiibo in Skyrim, players will receive a Hylian Shield, Master Sword and the Champion’s Tunic. It’s a fun addition that matches up pretty well with the genre.

Watch the video below for some walking action and look for Skyrim to become available for the Switch during the holiday season.