E3 2017: Destiny 2 Shines Brightly On-Stage

The original Destiny saw Bungie go outside of its comfort zone and craft a large-scale game that went beyond anything they had done with Halo. Destiny’s safe haven the Tower is now under attack and this new beginning marks the end of safety that one felt in the original adventure. Destiny was heralded as being a lot of fun, but wasn’t the most user-friendly game to get into for newcomers. The sequel is set to be more newcomer-friendly and will allow advanced raids and high-level matches for newer players who want to play with experienced players who are willing to teach and guide people along. The guided game system will allow you to see what kinds of matches the group is participating in and you can opt-in if you want or simply keep browsing down the list to see if you find a group that is doing more of the things you enjoy.

Destiny was an outstanding shooter, but its storytelling method was a bit odd. It relied more on out of game activities than in-game ones, and the goal with Destiny 2 is to ensure that the storyline remains engrossing without ever having to reach for a smartphone to learn about the world you’re inhabiting in the game. Destiny 2 will be leaving the prior generation behind, and it will result in a higher-end user experience with a larger scope. Four all-new worlds will be explorable with far less loading before and more activities than ever before. Enemy counts will go up and the overall scale of the game will be larger. The Hunter, Titan, and Warlock return along with all-new classes – with new powerhouses and warlocks being more agile and able to rain down flaming arrows on the battlefield.

The weapon selection will be expanded and you can choose kinetic weapons, elemental weapons, or even power weapons that will give you one-shot kills. The goal with Destiny 2 is to make this as fun for newcomers and veterans alike because the beginning point of the story strips everyone down to the essentials – so it’s a bit like a Metroidvania in that sense. You will start off without your powers, but as time goes on, you will re-earn what you had before and reach new heights as a physical force within the game world. Destiny will be coming to PC and Bungie is actually consulting with Blizzard to try and make sure that everything works out smoothly for PC players. The PC version won’t be a port – it will be designed from the ground up for that platform. Controller support will be included alongside the expected keyboard and mouse setup. Destiny 2 will be released on September 6 and on PC on October 24 to ensure that it runs as well as it possibly can on PC.