E3 2017: Destiny 2 Will Still Be 30FPS on Xbox One X

Those who thought Microsoft’s recently-unveiled Xbox One X would mean games like Destiny 2 could get one-over their rival Sony’s more-enhanced system, the PS4 Pro, in terms of performance — more specifically, frame-rate — may have to think again. Luke Smith, the Game Director of Destiny 2, has confirmed in an interview with Geoff Keighley that the game will remain locked at 30FPS on Xbox One X just like on PS4 Pro. It seems like the PC version — to be released shortly after the console versions — will be the only iteration to have an uncapped frame-rate.

On a slightly better note, the game will launch slightly earlier having been moved forward by a couple of days to September 6 with the PC build finally dated for release on October 24. The first beta for the game will be available on Playstation systems July 18 with Xbox owners getting access a few days later on July 21. A PC beta is expected sometime in August.