E3 2017: Genesis Alpha One Gets New Trailer

Certainly one of the more interesting titles we uncovered at GDC earlier in the year, so far as scope and ambition goes, was no doubt developer Radian Blue’s multi-genre, space-survival hybrid that is Genesis Alpha One. Team17, whom will be publishing the game, have unveiled a new trailer showcasing more of the game’s roguelike nature but also its seamless transitioning of genres in-game, from base building-esque constructing of new space station sections, to sim-like eugenics — in order to find the perfect humanoid hybrid to survive the harsh conditions of space — as well as first-person combat should your ship come under attack by an alien swarm or invading pirates alike.

The similarly seamless nature of how the game can go from manageable calm to outright chaos — even complete failure at losing your crew and indeed your ship — will certainly prove one of the game’s driving selling points. While we may not have a release date or even window as to when the game will be available, the game has already peaked our interest from what we’ve seen so far. Check out the new trailer below and be on the look out for Genesis Alpha One when it launches on PS4, Xbox One & PC.