E3 2017: Knack II Trailer Gets Perfect Musical Accompaniment

Knack never quite hit its potential.  It was a PS4 launch game that people wanted to be good but was maybe a bit undercooked, eventually turning into a running joke about possibly being the free PS+ game next month, and finally it just haunts the cheap and used shelves at your local game store.  Not really bad but not quite good enough, it was still very close to having the elements of a hit.  Knack II is a shot at redemption, though, and the trailer’s song is a perfect anthem of defiance for the character and his world.

Knack is a big brute comprised of hundreds of pieces of detritus, and he can collect more as the levels progress to grow larger and more powerful until he’s a hulking kaiju-like beast thirty feet tall. Most of the time he’s somewhat larger than human sized, but different sections require him to either shed mass to get through or grow large enough to smash everything in his path.  The original game was a little too combat-focused, but Knack II is aiming to put in more puzzles, platforming, and tons of variety, including a robust multiplayer mode.

Sony clearly knows it’s got some ground to cover in bringing people back on board for the sequel, which explains the $39.99 price tag.  Knack II releases September 5 and you can’t push the date around, it won’t go.