E3 2017: Super Mario Odyssey Dazzles With a New Trailer

Forgive the tardiness in getting this particular E3 news up, as our staff was blindsided by the Metroid Prime 4 announcement and wound up in something similar to a drunken stupor, but Nintendo showcased the latest trailer for Super Mario Odyssey during their E3 event, and hoo boy, was it a stunner. Aside from having an unbelievably catchy song to accompany it, the trailer showed off a bevy of the game’s various worlds and mechanics, which you can check out below in all its glory.

In addition to showing off more of the game’s settings, including the still-snicker-worthy New Donk City (that Pauline is the mayor of now, as revealed in a demo afterwards) and some Obbjob-style hat combat, we also got to see the new capture mechanic in action, as Mario enlisted his new hat sidekick Cappy to possess nearly anything it sight to become Tank Mario, Frog Mario, Koopa Mario, friggin’ Tyrannosaurus Rex Mario…basically ALL the Marios. Not to mention some classic 2D gameplay in the forms a of a few murals, some new enemies to fight…look, words can barely do it all justice. Just check it all out here, and make sure to pick up Super Mario Odyssey when it comes out for the Switch on October 27.