E3 2017: The N. Sane Trilogy Gets Crashed By a Surprise Playable Character

So Activision hinted earlier in the past week that they had a surprise announcement concerning Crash Bandicoot waiting in the wings at E3. Many of us naturally suspected that it may be a new game. After all, they didn’t have any other surprises left concerning a set of remade video game classics, right? Wrong. Wanting to do a little something extra for the fans, Activision and developers Vicarious Visions went and added a entire second playable character to choose from and switch between during any of the the three games. Ladies and gentlemen, please allow yourselves to be re-introduced to one Coco Bandicoot.

Yep, Crash’s genius kid sister is now fully playable throughout the whole trilogy, explained by having her hack the Time Twister to help out with her brother’s past adventures. Fans will remember that Coco was an integral part of the plot in Crash Bandicoot 2, and was playable in certain driving levels during Crash Bandicoot: Warped, but now players will get to see how Coco plays during some more genuine platforming action. Notably, she uses some slightly different attacks – her spin involves her leg and ponytail instead of arms, and she has a drop kick as opposed to a body slam – and has different, brand new animations, along with a bit of sass this time around in order to create a more modern Coco while still remaining faithful.

This news also came with an official trailer of Coco in action, as seen below, along with an assortment of screenshots showing Coco in various levels. And how will she come across in the game’s all-new cinematics? We’ll see how it goes when the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy hits the PS4 on June 30.