E3 2017: Usain Bolt Plays Soccer in Latest PES 18 Trailer

Though you may know him as the fastest man in the World and a multi-Olympic gold medal holder, Usain Bolt will be switching the track for the soccer pitch — least briefly, in the video game World — in Konami’s upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. Bolt will be available as a myClub player for anyone who pre-orders the game ahead of its September 12 release in the US (September 14 for the rest of the World) across PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 & PC.

It’s unclear whether this new addition will be available to everyone further down the line, but regardless of the outcome, the game can at least boast about continuing the series’ trend of improving and refining the franchise with improved rendering technology and increased modes for player to invest in both online and offline, which this times includes the addition of local 2v2/3v3 co-op and the integration of PES Leagues across myClub and Random Selection Matches alike — another returning feature for this year’s release. Check out Usain Bolt’s switching of sports in his new reveal trailer below: