Seagate Introduces First Game Drive for PlayStation 4

Over the last couple of years, Seagate teamed up with Microsoft to bring Xbox One branded external hard drives (both HDD and SSD) to the platform to better extend the storage for players. They have been unable to do this with the PlayStation 4 due to hard drive restrictions, but fortunately that changes. Thanks to those restrictions being lifted a few months ago, this has allowed Seagate to start development on hard drives specifically designed for PlayStation 4.

Seagate has announced today that their first PlayStation 4 hard drive will launch later this month with a 2TB capacity. If you’re familiar with their Xbox One versions, this is a very similar 2.5″ external HDD design, just with a dark blue highlight instead of green. It will feature high speed 3.0 USB connection speeds, slicing off valuable seconds off load times, along with an easy setup process.

The Seagate Game Drive for PlayStation 4 will be available at $89.99 this month at select retailers. You will need PlayStation 4 System Software version 4.50 or higher, though, to take advantage of this device.