E3 2017: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Offers the Same Chaotic Fun on Xbox One

With over three million players, it’s difficult to say anything original about the massively successful Early Access shooter, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Thanks to an astounding response on social media and streaming platforms, Battlegrounds has surpassed all expectations with its unpredictable and unique multiplayer that is continuing to evolve and expand. So, it was of little surprise when the 100-player arena title made not one, but two appearances during the pre-E3 press conferences. During the PC Gaming Show, PlayerUnknown revealed that the game would be receiving newly implemented features such as climbing and weather on the game’s original platform, in addition to the planned optimizations as the title inches closer to a full release.

However, the arguably bigger news arrived the day prior during Microsoft’s press event, where it was revealed that Battlegrounds would be arriving on Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview program later this year. As the partnership is still in the early stages, Brendan Greene, aka PlayerUnknown, is not quite 100% sure as to how on par the Xbox version will be with the PC version upon its release. However, thanks to the game’s continued popularity, the team at Bluehole Studio has been able to separate and include new teams, so as not to impair the progress of the PC edition while the Xbox One development gets underway. In regards to the Xbox One version, PlayerUnknown specifically referenced Destiny as a title that did a successful job of implementing a balanced yet skill-focused take on shooting specifically designed for consoles, in the hopes that they could emulate that smart combination into their own console release.

That wasn’t all for Battlegrounds news during this E3 week, as word dropped yesterday that Bluehole was inspired by a group of players who created their own custom mode involving player-controlled zombies. That inspiration has led to some early talks about implementing an official version of this mode, although little has been revealed yet as far as how or when this will make its way to either version of the game. Nonetheless, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds certainly has a bright future ahead of it no matter what platform you will be playing on, as the intense multiplayer title looks forward to 2017 and beyond.