E3 2017: Project Code: SHIFT is Your Mystery ID@Xbox Game

Earlier, we had reported on Unruly Heroes, one of the the two mystery games shows during their ID@Xbox E3 montage, but that still left one game we had yet to know more about. Now, after some slight digging, we have a title of Project Code: SHIFT and a pair of trailers that debuted the game during the show this week, but a lot about this 2D hack-and-slash game still remains a mystery, as it turns out.

Based on what can be pieced together from from the reveal trailer and gamplay trailer, as seen below, we have a blending of science fiction and ancient martial arts, as two worlds of both past and future collide, with the ability to switch between the two universes being a gameplay mechanic. We also get an impressive combat system featuring intense, elaborate combos and even fatalities, along with spreads of enemies to fight and some rather fun wall-running.

Still, not much else is known about Project Code: SHIFT, although the developers – a “TVG” team of the Chinese company Seasun – have been thanking people in the YouTube comments and answering a few questions, revealing that they hope to have the game out this holiday for the Xbox One X launch, and that they will be bringing it to Steam later on as well. More on this promising brawler will hopefully be revealed in the future, so stay tuned for more details and potential impressions as they surface.