E3 2017: Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido is a Cute Food Fight

The new reveals kept coming for Nintendo as the Treehouse team announced a new game in the works. Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido features cute characters duking it out over plates of delicious sushi. It all takes place in a post-war setting where factions fight for sushi supplies. The player’s character experiences sushi for the first time thanks to a mythical being but is interrupted by bad guys.

This is a puzzle-action game where the player taps and connects different plates to inflict damage. Tapping plates of the same color will stack them up so you can fling them at the enemy. Chaining and combos will create more power. You also have adorable creatures and monsters to help out with the puzzles. They have special powers such as speeding up conveyor belts or making plates the same color. You can have up to three companions during battles and extras with you during the journey. They all level up and gain experience even if not participating in the fight.

Sushi Striker offers boss fights, two player mode and more. There has not been an announced release date at this time as it is still in development. Nintendo has revealed it will come to the 3DS sometime in 2018. Take a look at all the cuteness in the trailer below.