E3 2017: Terry Crews Confirmed Playable in Crackdown 3

At the Microsoft Conference, Terry Crews was most definitely in the Crackdown 3 trailer, but it only appeared as if he was just a promotional face. That is not the case. Design director, Garrett Wilson, confirmed today that the actor will be playable. “He’s a playable character. I think I’m OK to tell you that. I probably shouldn’t say any more. He definitely is a playable character, and he’s a character in the narrative, so he’s in the opening cutscene and things like that.”

It’s always interesting when a well-known actor gets his or her likeness in a video game, Jesse Williams was just revealed to be in Detroit: Become Human, Wilson tells the story of just how Terry Crews got involved in Crackdown 3: “That was crazy. We got this call from marketing, and they were like, ‘Terry Crews wants to be in the game.’ We were like, ‘that’d work. That’d absolutely work.’ He’s a real-life Agent.”

Pretty simple huh? Crackdown 3 is scheduled to come out for Xbox One and Windows 10 on November 7, 2017.