E3 2017: There Are No Cracks in Crackdown 3

When it comes to Xbox One games, very few have caught my eye more than the 3rd installment of Crackdown series. Promising a return to the crazy, over-the-top action of the original by returning to its roots, but still pushing the series forward by expanding on the various ways you can dispatch the enemy, the team has also brought back the “Voice of the Agency” aka VOA and the cheesy one-liners that come with it. Terry Crews, who was shown in the E3 trailer, will be a playable character in the game, one of the agents known as Commander Jackson.

Focusing on the campaign at E3 this year, Microsoft has showcased that the game has 3 “modes”:  Offline Campaign (single player), Online Campaign (up to 4-player co-op), and competitive Multiplayer, the latter of which will be on the cloud and boasting fully destructible environments as the object will be to destroy the city rather than save it from the evil gang Terra Nova as you would in the campaign modes. One interesting note for the co-op is that depending on how you play together you can create dynamic events that will change what players experience from the single player version.

The campaign takes place approximately 10 years since Crackdown 2 and will contain familiar voices for long-time fans of the series but if you’ve never played a Crackdown game, fret not, as this is a perfect entry into the series as well, and you won’t need to know what’s happened in the previous two titles to understand what you’re doing in the third.

Crackdown 3 looks truly impressive. The cel-shaded style really brings out a the feel of a graphic novel, and on the Xbox One X it will be in true 4K, 30 frames per second so the insane amount of explosions will look doubly impressive on the newer machine. Improvements to sights were not the only upgrade as those with Dolby Atmos Sound will get the full effects of what it’s like to save – or destroy – New Providence.

The new setting boasts being 2x the size of the original locations and while the Agency tower was the largest one in Crackdown, the largest tower in Crackdown 3 is the Kingpin tower and is twice as tall as the former. Regardless of the doubled size of New Providence, however the entire city and all missions will be available from the very beginning, so if you wanted to be super bold and take on the Kingpin of Terra Nova for your first mission, you could do that, though you probably won’t be all that successful.

As you start taking down Terra Nova, the gang will start to take notice and the enemies will become stronger, sending lieutenants, captains, and eventually the kingpin himself, however, at certain points you can also expect retaliation squads to be sent after you, and they will not relent until you’ve taken down a particular captain.

Weaponry has expanded and you can expect to shoot with some really fun guns like a machine gun that fires rockets. Players can expect to get the same feel of the exponential power curve they’re used to with Crackdown, as you start out you may be throwing rocks and trashcans, and just a few hours later you could be throwing cars, fuel trucks, and larger.

The power curve is not just limited to throwing attacks, however as you can start out running and end up jumping over entire buildings over a short period of time as well using the familiar orb collection system that allows you to upgrade your abilities on the fly to unlock things like double-jumping and pushing yourself forward in mid-air with an air burst.

Crackdown 3 is due out on November 7, in line with the launch of the Xbox One X.