E3 2017: Unruly Heroes Debuts, Brings Side-Scrolling Action to Chinese Classics

So remember the ID@Xbox montage from Microsoft’s E3 press conference, and the pair of mystery games seemingly teased during it? Well, the curtain has now been pulled back on one of them to provide a proper reveal for Unruly Heroes, an action-adventure platformer from France-based developers Magic Design Studios. Taking direct inspiration from the classic tale of Journey to the West, the game sees you and up to three friends (local or online) taking on several fantastical creatures in a 2D adventure across a variety of lush worlds, as seen in the debut trailer below.

While additional details concerning the game are a bit light right now, the clip shown definitely highlights our main heroes and their moves quite nicely, as well as the absolutely gorgeous graphics and creative takes on the various aspects of the legend, perfectly blending together Sun Wukong and Rayman. Unruly Heroes is due out in early 2018, and while a list of complete platforms hasn’t been spotted yet, expect this to be a potential sleeper hit for the Xbox One, and stay tuned for our potential impressions of it from E3 this week.