E3 2017: Xbox One X Will Indeed Support VR

The Xbox One X, Microsoft’s new premium console, will support virtual reality despite early reports that it wouldn’t, according to an interview with Xbox head Phil Spencer.

Talking to CNET, Spencer said that despite the lack of VR presence onstage at Microsoft’s E3 conference on Sunday, their new console will support the new technology. Last year, when Spencer teased the Xbox One X, then known as Project Scorpio, he said that the next Microsoft console would “deliver true 4K gaming¬†and high-fidelity VR.” This, of course, made it curious when there was no mention of VR on stage this year.

The confusion also comes because earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal had reported that Xbox Marketing Chief Mike Nichols told them Xbox One X would not be able to work with VR headsets. He told them that the experience will be better on PC, and that Xbox is choosing to focus on mixed reality or augmented reality. Microsoft unveiled an augmented reality headset called Hololens last year, so it seems that Xbox might be working to integrate that technology into their platform.

Nevertheless, the current take is that VR support will be available on Xbox One X, and will be a part of Xbox’s future. To what degree, however, is unknown. PlayStation is on the other end of the spectrum, releasing their own VR headset and spending a good portion of Monday night’s press conference announcing new games for the headset.

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