ARMS Attribute Guide

There are 7 attributes in ARMS which add special effects to arms when they are charged. Not every arm comes equipped with one of these attributes, but the ones that do supply a nice bonus when getting a charged hit out on the opponent. These are one of the most important parts of each weapon as players will most likely be keeping their arms charged for stronger attacks, but also for the added benefit of being able to hinder an opponent even further using attributes.

As there is planned free DLC for ARMS in the coming future, this guide will be updated to reflect any and all changes that are made. Be sure to also check out the full Weapon Guide before or after going over these attributes for information on the arm types themselves.


Those hit with the fire attribute will find themselves taking extra damage in addition to be knocked to the ground. For anyone wanting to dish out quick damage, fire is the way to go. Getting the opponent on the ground also gives the player time to try and predict which way they will try to recover, and perhaps get another hit in as they try to get back up.

Arms with the Fire attribute:


When hit with a full charged electric arm, fighters will be temporarily immobilized and unable to use their arms for a brief amount of time. This includes blocking and giving the players extremely limited movement until they recover. If players manage to hit an opponent with electricity, it’s a good time to start a rush attack or go for a grab to get in some quick big damage.

Arms with the Electric attribute:


When a wind arm is charged and hits, it will cause a whirlwind to throw the opponent a good distance away. This is a great attribute to throw the opponent out of the way when stuck in a corner, and even cause more damage by hitting them while they’re still in the air.

Arms with the Wind attribute:


The most simple attribute of the group, stun just does as intended by temporarily causing the opponent to pause briefly in their action. Stun is great to use as a first attack, before quickly following up with another charged attack from the other arm.

Arms with the Stun attribute:


If the opponent is moving around a bit too fast, the ice attribute will be there to slow them down. After being hit with a charged ice arm, players will have extremely slowed movement, creating the perfect opportunity to strike. Players are still able to shield, punch, jump and even dodge but it’s slowed immensely and likely won’t be able to save them out of taking another hit. Putting up a shield is usually the quickest solution to getting frozen, but be careful as a grab will still go through it.

Arms with the Ice attribute:


Much like fire, a charged explosion attribute arm will deal extra damage when hitting a player. This is one of the more dangerous attributes to take into a fight, as the one using it is not immune to their own explosions. Make certain the opponent is far enough away before sending in a charged explosion arm or else both players may end up getting harmed.

Arms with the Explosion attribute:


The blind ailment is currently only accessed through one weapon, the Blorb, but when it hits with a charged attack the screen will be blocked by a blue smudge and keep players from being able to see the action. If hit with Blind, it’s a good idea to play defensively trying to dodge, block or jump to avoid getting hit. Players who manage to blind an opponent will want to throw some quick punches they can’t see coming in order to sweep the opponent off their feet.

Arms with the Blind attribute:

No Attribute

Not all arms come equipped with bonus attributes, and are instead simple straight-forward attackers. These arms do still dish out some extra damage when they land a hit, but are likely best used for their weight class rather than their attribute as they currently all have alternatives that might work better in most battles.

Arms with no attributes: