ARMS Character Guide: Helix

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Official Bio:

Affiliation: ARMS Laboratories, Inc.
Height: 30-250 cm
Weight: 97 kg
Age: 2
Hobbies: Watching the ARMS Grand Prix

An experiment by ARMS Laboratories, the leaders in ARMS research! In addition to his arms, his whole body is stretchy—and his signature ARMS are just as weird. He’s secretly entered the Grand Prix to prove the merit of the lab’s latest research!

Special Abilities:

Holding the jump button will stretch Helix’s body and allow him to move left and right to dodge attacks, letting go will execute an actual jump.

Dodging will cause Helix to shrink towards the ground and slide a short distance across the ground, making him a hard target to hit.

Starting Arms:

Stage: DNA Lab

This mysterious lab is lined with mysterious books and computers filled with information, and is where Helix himself was created. Fighters can use the large cylinders around the room to hide behind, or if they aim correctly even toss an opponent threw them. If the opponent likes to hide themselves, simply break the cylinders and meet them head-on in this long triangular arena.

Starting Tips:

Helix’s unique flexible body makes him a challenging foe to face. While stretched during a jump, Helix can easily dodge simple uncoming punches from any direction. Shrinking down with a dodge will get him out of the way of any attack before hopping up in order to have a quick comeback. Practice long enough with Helix’s unique abilities and players will even be able to dodge the multiple flurry punches of a rush attack by jiggling back and fourth.