ARMS Character Guide: Kid Cobra

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Official Bio:

Affiliation: Naja Crew
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Age: 19
Hobbies: Snakeboarding, making rad vids

A top snakeboarder turned ARMS fighter, this kid lives for the streets! All that boarding has really strengthened his legs, giving him a super-quick dash after charging up. He entered the Grand Prix to get more hits on his snakeboarding vids, but his natural instincts might just carry him all the way to the top!

Special Abilities:

If Kid Cobra’s arms are charged, he’s able to quickly dodge out of the way.

Kid Cobra’s normal dodges are a bit on the slow side, but he’s able to jump incredibly fast.

Starting Arms:

Stage: Snake Park

Snake Park can turn any fighter into a professional by letting them ride on two large boards through the center of the arena. When on a board fighters can still move, jump and dodge like normal but at a much quicker speed. Staying on top of one of these boards will give any fighter a helpful advantage, allowing them to move with ease. If the opponent is on the ground, keep them from getting back on the other board and try not to fall off in order to stay on top of them.

Starting Tips:

Kid Cobra’s arms should be charged at all times whether through his fast jumps or dodges in order to keep him on the move. Jumping is his quickest escape method to get out of danger and throw a punch in retaliation, but his charged dodges will also allow him to skirt around to the side of an opponent and hit them where they’re unprotected.