ARMS Character Guide: Master Mummy

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Official Bio:

Affiliation: The Mausoleum
Height: 231 cm
Weight: 167 kg
Age: Unknown
Hobbies: Searching for his long-lost family

Wrapped up in mystery and bandages, it’s “the grim creeper”! With an uncharacteristically buff body for a mummy, this heavyweight shrugs off punches like nothing. All we know about this guy is that one day he woke up at the Mausoleum and now he’s entering the Grand Prix! There’s a story there…

Special Abilities:

When blocking, Master Mummy will start to regain health very slowly.

Master Mummy doesn’t flinch when taking normal hits.

Starting Arms:

Stage: The Mausoleum

This abandoned looking arena is a simple round ring, but hides a secret beneath the fighter’s very feet. If a fighter can manage to grab their opponent and hit the large circle in the middle with them, the floor will break to reveal a huge trampoline. Take advantage of the trampoline when it appears to get above the opponent and it may be the key to a jumping success.

Starting Tips:

Master Mummy moves slow but can still jump and dodge to help with his speed. He’s able to keep moving through enemy attacks, but they’ll still hurt, so going in with at least one heavy arm can help him deflect a lot of damage coming his way. His health regeneration only goes up a little at a time but can help in a tight spot, just be careful he doesn’t get grabbed while blocking and deflect oncoming arms while trying to get him back in tip top shape.