ARMS Character Guide: Mechanica

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Official Bio:

Affiliation: The Scrapyard
Height: 234 cm (158 cm out of suit)
Weight: 545 kg (45 kg out of suit)
Age: 15
Hobbies: Watching ARMS (especially Ribbon Girl!)

This youthful ARMS superfan honed her engineering genius working at the local scrapyard. She wasn’t born with stretchy ARMS, so what choice did she have but to build a fighting suit herself? When she rides it into battle, she can even hover in midair! Can she soar to the top of the ARMS Grand Prix she’s always loved?!

Special Abilities:

Mechanica can float in the air for a couple seconds using her jetpacks and glide across the ground quickly when the dodge button is held.

Mechanica won’t flinch when hit by attacks in the air.

Starting Arms:

Stage: Scrap Yard

The Scrap Yard offers multiple levels to navigate in order to fight. Players can choose to take the high ground, or stay on the bottom level hiding behind the scrap pillars. If they take enough damage, the pillars will eventually crumble over leaving nothing left to hide behind. Be careful if the opponent does decide to take the high ground, and try to get them down before they send a barrage from above.

Starting Tips:

While she may be slow while walking Mechanica is more mobile than she appears, being able to move quickly on the ground when dodging and isn’t easily knocked out of the air. Take advantage of the skies in order to rain attacks down on enemies, or glide around the opponent and throw punches from directions they weren’t expecting to catch them with their guard down.