ARMS Character Guide: Ninjara

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Official Bio:

Affiliation: Rasen Ninjutsu University
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Age: 21
Hobbies: Hiding, reading

Currently training at Ninja College, or as it’s officially named, Rasen Ninjutsu University. The ninjutsu techniques of this “student of stealth” allow him to disappear into thin air and make fools of his opponents! The ARMS Grand Prix doubles as his senior project, and that challenge is the one thing he won’t hide from.

Special Abilities:

When dodging in the air, Ninjara can warp in any direction for a quick getaway.

If Ninjara successfully blocks a punch, he will quickly counter by warping in the selected direction.

Starting Arms:

Stage: Ninja College

This stage includes a long stretch of stairs, with fighters starting at either the top or bottom. While the fighter at the top will usually start with an advantage, it’s very easy to change the tide of battle by stealthily moving around them and catch them off guard once fighters have the high ground.

Starting Tips:

Ninjara is great at coming from directions his opponents least expect. When a punch is coming at him on the ground, blocking it and moving to the left or right will give him a chance to hit an opponent with a good opening. He can swiftly move around his opponents by jumping and disappearing in the area before landing a hit where they list expect it, but it’s best not to repeat the same moves too much or else the enemies will catch on to his sneaky schemes.