ARMS Character Guide: Ribbon Girl

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Official Bio:

Affiliation: Ribbonics Records
Height: 169 cm
Weight: No comment
Age: 17
Hobbies: Singing, meeting fans

Hailing from Ribbonics Records, it’s “the airess”! She can jump over and over without touching the ground, like she’s dancing on air! If she wins the Grand Prix, she’s promised her fans a championship concert in the ring!

Special Abilities:

Ribbon Girl is able to jump a total of four times in the air, which can also be alternated with air dodges.

While in the air, Ribbon Girl is able to quickly dive back to the ground if the dodge button is held down.

Starting Arms:

Stage: Ribbon Ring

At first glance the Ribbin Ring appears to be a simple flat arena, but before long platforms in the center of the stage will start to rise up. These platforms can be hit to knock them out of the way or bring an opponent down who has jumped on top, but tread cautiously as some of them might contain a bomb instead.

Starting Tips:

Ribbon Girl is incredibly quick on her feet, and can alternate dodges with jumps for quick movement to avoid getting hit. Her ability to dive to the ground is great when an opponent tries to knock her out of the sky, allowing her to land a free hit with her opponents fists hitting where she used to be. Her versatility in the air makes her an aerial master as she can easily fly over the competition, be sure to mix dodges with her jumps in order to quickly avoid oncoming grabs or punches while she aims to attack from above.