ARMS Character Guide: Twintelle

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Official Bio:

Affiliation: Twintelle Productions
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Age: 26
Hobbies: Sniffing luxury fragrances, fitness

The mega celeb, star of the silver screen tries her hand…er, hair at the ARMS Grand Prix. Not content with her acting awards and accolades, she’s gonna use those stretchy silver locks to take the ARMS title! Oh, and while she’s charging up, her actress aura can slow down incoming ARMS!

Special Abilities:

When Twintelle’s arms are charged she can slow down oncoming punches in the aura around her.

Twintelle can dodge incredibly fast any direction in midair when holding down the dash button.

Starting Arms:

Stage: Cinema Deux

The Cinema Deux is an oddly shaped stage with Twintelle’s own cars making an appearance. Her luxury vehicles can be hopped on during battle in order to get a jump above the opponent, and also make great cover to hide behind from oncoming punches. Just be careful when fighting, as it’s easy to get stuck between them in a hurry with nowhere to run.

Starting Tips:

Twintelle is the queen of control and can make her opponents arms stop in their tracks. When charged, an opponents arms will freeze if they enter the aura around her but only for a brief amount of time. Use the moment they are frozen to dodge out of the way and throw a punch while their arms retract. Players using Twintelle should be especially cautious of charged explosion attribute arms, as these can still blow up inside her aura if she lingers around them too long and cause some damage.