ARMS Character Guide

ARMS is one of the most unique fighting titles in recent years, and while it may seem a bit odd at first it has a simple premise that makes it easy for anyone to quickly pick up. With ARMS now available on Switch players can look forward to challenging single player battles or taking the fight online against players around the world right away. Before heading into the ring it’s a good idea to look at the ten characters available to play, as since each comes with their own unique abilities they bring to a fight, and that’s where this guide comes in.

Every character in ARMS has their strengths and weaknesses, so it’s a good idea to study up before getting into a tough match. Each guide will run down the basic abilities, starting arms and other details for individual characters. We recommend trying them out in either the Grand Prix or Versus mode after going through the guide in order to put those skills to the test, and learn even more complex fighting techniques along the way.

ARMS is currently planned to receive free updates in the future that includes new characters, arms and stages so be sure to check back as things are added for a complete guide. Once you’ve read through the character guides, don’t forget to also check out the Arms Guide¬†and Attributes Guide for more details on each weapon these characters can use.