ARMS Weapon Guide

From the moment players start up ARMS, there are 3 arms available to each character for a total of 30. Through playing and earning currency, players will be able to unlock more arms for each character along the way to design their perfect setup for each fight. While many arms are similar, each one has its own unique aspect. Fortunately, this is clear-cut guide to understanding the basics of weapons and how they all come into play. Before or after heading into this weapon guide, be sure to look at the Attributes Guide explaining the seven different attributes and how they can be major factors into choosing arms for a fight.

It should be noted that damage listed for weapons on this list is the default damage, and does not reflect the increased damage when duplicate arms have been unlocked. Nintendo also has plans to add more arm weapons in the future through free DLC, as such this guide will be updated to reflect any changes and additions made in the future.

Boxing Glove

Weight Damage Charged Damage
Medium 80 100-130

Arms in this category: Toaster, Sparky, Buff, Chilla, Bubb

The tried and true Boxing Glove is a simple arm with the task of hitting its opponent straight on. This arm doesn’t have any extra abilities when it comes to firing it at an opponent, but it is as simple as they come and will always feel satisfying when landing a punch on the opponent.



Weight Damage Charged Damage
Medium 80 90-120

Arms in this category: Boomerang, Chakram, Ramram, Coolerang

The Boomerang is a useful weapon for hitting opponents wherever they are in the arena. These arms will curve extremely wide to the left or right to hit opponents with a side attack. When using a boomerang arm, opponents won’t be able to hide behind pillars as this arm can swoop around any corner to land a good hit.



Weight Damage Charged Damage
Light 70 70-110

Arms in this category: Tribolt, Triblast, Retorcher, Revolver, Hydra

These weapons all aim to hit three quick shots towards the opponent in a few different ways. Some will shoot horizontally, others vertical while the third setup is a quick triangular cluster. After the initial hit lands each subsequent hit will do less damage, but these weapons are great for trying to inflict special damage as if even one of the charged bullets hits the opponent will be fully effected by the attribute.


Party Popper

Weight Damage Charged Damage
Light 70 120-130

Weapons in this category: Popper, Cracker

The Party Popper weapons send out small, quick bursts towards the opponent in a straight line which can cause multiple hits but do decreased damage with each additional hit. These are a light weapon so it is easily blocked, but get in close and manage to do some heavy charged damage for a quick surprise on the opponent.



Weight Damage Charged Damage
Medium 80 90-120

Weapons in this category: Slapamander, Slamamander

The slapamanader swings towards the opponent at incredibly speed, doing its best to slap the opponent aside. This weapon is not only agile, but curves smoothly when punched all while targeting the opponent to give them a good slap on the wrist that can send them flying to the ground.



Weight Damage Charged Damage
Heavy 110 110-130

Arms in this category: Meagton, Megawatt

The Megaton is a slow, heavy weapon whose only goal is to dish out heavy damage. While the Megaton is sluggish in movement, it makes up for it by being able to block or repel almost any weapon due to its weight. These weapons are best used while charged to send the opponent flying home after taking a heavy hit, but also make a great defensive weapon when paired with a faster arm.



Weight Damage Charged Damage
Medium 80 80-120

Weapons in this category: Phoenix, Thunderbird

The bird weapon launches slowly, but once free from its arm flies incredibly fast towards the opponent. It can not only curve incredibly well, but locks on to the opponent making it hard to miss its mark making it great for hitting an opponent behind a wall or who might be moving around a bit fast.



Weight Damage Charged Damage
Medium 90 100-130

Weapons in this category: Dragon, Ice Dragon

Unlike the other arms, the Dragons are not about directly attacking the opponent. Instead their aim is to shoot a deadly laser at the opponent from any angle. The dragon arms are heavily dependent on the player aiming its laser at the opponent, but for those who might not be the best snipers there is plenty of time to rotate the shot to try and get in a hit before it returns to the user.



Weight Damage Charged Damage
Heavy 100 120

Weapons in this category: Whammer

The whammer is another heavy weapon the simple aim of doing heavy damage. Unlike the Metaton, the whammer has an upwards swinging motion before hitting the ground, which means it attacks a bit slower but is great to use while an opponent is dodging side to side in order to trap them before the whammer lands a hit.



Weight Damage Charged Damage
Medium 70 70

Weapons in this category: Homie, Seekie

What the homing arms lack in their ability to curve they make up for with their ability to home in on targeted opponents. These arms actively seek out opponents and will try their hardest to make contact before exploding in their face for bonus damage. These arms make it easy to lure an enemy into a corner as they try to escape getting locked onto while attacking with another arm from the side.



Weight Damage Charged Damage
Medium 90 100

Weapons in this category: Parasol

The parasol opens and spread out when shot out at an opponent, pausing just briefly before shooting straight ahead. This weapon can make a great emergency shield against other medium and light weight arms due to its width, but won’t be much protection from oncoming heavy arms.



Weight Damage Charged Damage
None 80 80

Arms in this category: Guardian

The Guardian is one of the most unique weapons currently available as it functions very different from other arms. Instead of having a weight, the Guardian takes 3 hits total hits to be repelled. This is displayed as blue lights when the Guardian is in use, which turn dark when hit. When launched, the Guardian will slowly move towards the currently targeted opponent. Its main goal is to block incoming attacks, but if the player punches with their Guardian arm a second time it will quickly shoot forward in an attempt to hit the target and cause damage.



Weight Damage Charged Damage
Heavy 100 100

Arms in this category: Blorb

The Blorb is the second unique arm available to use, and like the Guardian behaves a bit different when thrown for a punch. As the player throws the Blorb it will head straight out briefly before bouncing across the arena towards the opponent. This makes it seem a little more unpredictable and slow, but as it is a heavy arm it ends up receiving a better chance of deflecting lighter arms coming at the player by having a wider area of travels.


Barq (Byte Only)

Weight Damage Charged Damage
None 30 35

Barq is Byte’s trusty companion and isn’t a true weapon in ARMS, but seeing as he can do damage while sending out a straight punch towards the enemy he makes it as an honorary mention at the bottom of the list. Barq will launch attacks periodically throughout a match, typically striking when Byte sends his own arms flying or gets knocked down. Barq can be knocked out by the opponent very easily so don’t expect him to dish out a ton of damage in a fight, he’s just there to help his favorite robot companion.