E3 2017: Hear and See Some Gundam Versus Gameplay

The first of the home console installments to come to the US, Bandai Namco’s Gundam Versus takes away all the long naming conventions of its predecessors and brings a fresh experience stuffed knee-deep in the Gundam series. For newcomers, it’s an entry point and an approachable fighter with a high skill ceiling. For series veterans, if anything, it means they can finally stop importing and just buy it at the store. At this E3, thanks to its PlayStation 4 exclusivity, the game’s been brought onto the PlayStation booth for a walkthrough of the game’s demo. Fans watching the series may want to take note and see what’s going on with the latest entry. Meanwhile, newcomers have plenty to look forward to.

See the demo presentation below. Gundam Versus comes to the West this Fall.