E3 2017: Join the Dragon Ball FighterZ Hype

It actually seems like a no-brainer now that Guilty Gear and BlazBlue developer Arc System Works has gotten its team’s collectively talented hands on one of the world’s most well-known fighting-centric IPs. With Dragon Ball FighterZ, there is just so much to look at. So while many fighting game enthusiasts may notice the stark similarities with the recent Guilty Gear games in visual methodology, they may also notice just how much this latest fighting game-purist view of Dragon Ball actually resembles another game series at E3 this year: Marvel vs. Capcom. Chaos being clearly one of the core tenets of this new fighter, fans of the series might see this as the perfect chance to learn to quarter-circle and combo like a non-scrub as they potentially join the hype captured in the video below. If anything, we certainly have high hopes for it.