Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Congestion is Pretty Bad

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood just launched today, at least for those who pre-ordered, and it’s already off to a not so stellar start. When servers went live at 2 am this morning, queues grew to exponential lengths (even though that’s to be expected), and the Duty Finder was having its share of issues. Fortunately, most of these concerns have been taken care of, with the exception of one that still plagues progression.

Best Served with Cold Steel, a relatively early on mission in Stormblood, puts players in their first instance, limiting levels to 62. Unfortunately, due to the stress of so many players trying to do this one mission, actually getting into that instance is becoming difficult. When you begin the mission, everything will look fine as it will play the opening cutscene. After the scene finishes, though, you might find yourself kicked back with the error “A system error occurred during event movement.”

We’re on a mid-to-low population server and, as of this posting, are still unable to access this mission. Now. this error isn’t going to affect everyone as there are people who were able to get past it, but considering this area has about three to four times the number of players as the second new map, it seems to be affecting quite a few. There are even reports of players forming lines to better get things rolling.

Granted, Stormblood just launched to early access players, but this has been less than ideal for the last twelve hours.

  • Paul Fischer

    Developer Suggested Solutions:
    1. Create a Programmatic Queue for this Quest, just like we have a Queue to Login when World Servers are full.
    2. Open up other new Aethertyes so we can perform side-quests and explore new areas, e.g. Ruby Sea (I betcha a lot of new players would love to perform new quests underwater if possible).
    3. Stop content locking things behind linear progression quests. Start making new parallel progression methods possible in FFXIV. (Make Main Story Lines ‘OPTIONAL’ for Lore Lovers). However, concerning Dungeons some kind of in-game guide or training preparation would be nice, e.g. similar to Hall of the Novice, which is very nice!

    There are plenty of solutions, but this needs to be provided by the Game Makers, not left to players to wait-it-out, form lines, come back later, get disconnected, get frustrated, then rage quit, etc. It is their responsibility. 😀

  • rockinpenguin

    MSQ splits in two route at this point. What I did was go on the second route, and by the time i finished it and went to Raubhan, there was much less people and i was able to get in the instance 😉
    But it really was crowded !!