NA LCS Summer Split Week 3 Day 1 Predictions

Well, this split is going the opposite of what I expected. Liquid took down the undefeated Dignitas to earn their first win and Flyquest earned theirs in a rematch of the third-place match. Which itself may not be impressive, but when the third and fourth place team from the last split have only one win combined that interesting. Here’s the bracket so far:

1. Counter Logic Gaming, Team Dignitas, Immortals, Team EnVy

5. Team SoloMid, Echo Fox, Cloud9

8. Team Liquid, FlyQuest

10. Phoenix1

DIG and CLG failed to break away from the pack last week so we’re still stuck with the cluster at the top. Joining them is IMT and EnVy who both have had impressive splits in their own right. For IMT Xmithie seems to be a huge difference maker for them and their team play. Their making better plays and staying in matches late. For EnVy Lira has some good help in his other lanes. The new addition Pirean is doing his part as well to take some of that pressure off of the jungle carry. Here are the matches for this week.

  • Immortals vs Team Liquid (2-0)
  • Team EnVy vs Echo Fox (2-0)

IMT and Liquid should go the way of IMT, but seeing as how they beat DIG maybe they can make more a match of this. Looking at the match information their wins were some long games, both over 40 minutes. In both, Liquid takes an early gold lead and builds on it until late game. It’s kind of like Echo Fox in their second split once their whole team was together. They would have these long matches and come out on top, by winning the last team fight. If IMT takes an early lead as I think they will this should go their way easily. Goldenglue is still having a rough time in mid lane and Xmithie along with Pobelter can take advantage of that.

EnVy have been playing incredibly well so far and have Echo Fox today. Echo Fox have two losses and earned them both last week against CLG and C9. Both of those teams are formidable opponents so it’s no surprise they dropped them, but EnVy is playing arguably better than both. EnVy can at least give both a run for their money, so by the transitive property, we’ll just assume they’re better than Echo and should win tomorrow. All jokes aside, Echo Fox for me have always been associated with being mediocre. They’ve scraped by each split and I’m not expecting much more this one. Hopefully, they prove me wrong, but until then I don’t they make their way much higher in the bracket.