E3 2017: RPGs Get Super Cute in The Swords of Ditto

There’s one word that comes to mind when first taking a look at The Swords of Ditto: Adorable. This action RPG come across as by far one of the cutest entrants into the genre I’ve ever seen before. The colors are bright, the characters are cartoony and the landscape injects some much-needed whimsy into an otherwise traditional fantasy setting. Of course, good graphics aren’t everything when it comes to games.

Players also demand solid gameplay from their action RPGs, lest they put them aside for something better. The Swords of Ditto delivers in this department as well. The game starts off with a new hero each time. This randomly generated hero is the latest in a line of generational heroes who reclaim the legendary Sword(s) of Ditto. With this sword they can save their realm from the evil being known simply as Mormo. Or fail. It’s up to the player’s skills, really.

Another key point of the experience is that you become increasingly flush with cool/silly weapons. Instead of a traditional boomerang you instead have objects such as a vinyl record. Instead of some sort of earthquake attack, you have a gigantic foot which can stomp down on any opponents unlucky enough to get crushed. Old action RPG standbys such as bombs still exist, too. These special weapons, as you might expect, can be found hidden in dungeons.

Dungeons themselves come with an array of styles. For example, some dungeons may be of the puzzle variety. This means that you’ll need to solve puzzles in each room to make your way through to the boss. One example of a puzzle is needing to know where to throw a vinyl so it can bounce off walls and hit something in an otherwise inaccessible area. There are also more action-oriented dungeons ready to test your fighting skills.

You don’t need to go it alone in The Swords of Ditto. Feel free to bring along a friend for the ride. Unlike some other co-op games, it really feels like both players are on the same team here. Their inventory is shared, meaning both players have full access to weapons and items such as health drinks at any time. It also comes into play when one player dies. The other can revive them at the cost of spending half their health to do so.

Basically, do not try to play The Swords of Ditto with a trolling friend or neither of you are likely to get too far. Multiplayer takes place on a single screen, so don’t expect to be free to wander away. If and when one player goes through a doorway the other is instantly warped along to the next room/area with them. Hopefully design decisions such as this reinforce the concept of positive cooperative play to the audience.

The Swords of Ditto is shaping up to be a fun, modern take on a very classic genre. If you’d like to give it a try alone or with a friend then keep the game in mind come early 2018, as that’s the expected release window right now. You’ll be able to play on PC and PS4.