NA LCS Summer Split Week 3 Day 3 Predictions

IMT may have faltered in their first game, but they held on and managed to win it all keeping the top spot. They finish out their week 2-0 and can maintain the solo number one position if CLG and DIG can’t get the job done today. Here’s the bracket so far:

1. Immortals

2. Counter Logic Gaming, Team Dignitas

6. Team EnVy, Echo Fox, Team SoloMid

7. Cloud9

8. Team Liquid, FlyQuest

10. Phoenix1

C9 has slipped all the way to seventh off of their rough start. They played a great game one but IMT picked apart bot in game two and played great in game three. The other notable thing from the bracket is, P1 still hasn’t found their first win and have a tall task to earn it today,  Here are the matches for this week.

  • Team EnVy vs Team SoloMid (2-1)
  • Phoenix1 vs Counter Logic Gaming (0-2)
  • FlyQuest vs Cloud9 (0-2)
  • Team Dignitas vs Echo Fox (2-0)

EnVy and TSM should be a really fun match. EnVy will likely get off to an early lead behind Lira’s strong play, but the tough part will be holding on to it. TSM as a team with their great experience will make them earn it. I’m going with Lira and Co. because I think he can get his team an early lead and they’ve been playing well enough they can keep it. This will be a big test for TSM and whether they’re in form yet. Here they can play well and still come home with a loss.

P1 is desperately looking for a win. They’ve switched to their third jungler of the split in MikeYeung and they likely won’t get it today. Unfortunately for them, this is a rough week. They’ve faced two of the top teams in NA this week in DIG and CLG. For CLG this should be business as usual. Pressure the new jungler and get your lanes going. I imagine Dardoch applying as much pressure as he can to get to MikeYeung.

The old vs the new. Original C9 gets to take on their old org and fortunately for them, C9 isn’t having the best go of things. Unfortunately for them C9 just played a great game against IMT and will be looking to improve. Regardless as to who’s in top lane, I think Contractz is going to try and get them snowballing as quick as possible. For Fly, it’s taking any and all openings they get. No matter how far behind they are they can make something happen.

Last is DIG vs Echo and they played the long game against EnVy to get a win earlier. I doubt that’ll work here with DIG, but you never know. As I said yesterday all DIG needs to do is get Ssumday ahead. Right now if he gets rolling I don’t know who can stop him from taking over a team fight. Even if he doesn’t get a lead Echo still has to match with the rest of the team and that’s a lot to ask here. It’s possible, however, they can stall a game out, win a fight and subsequently win the game. If they mess up along the way though it’s gonna be a bad time.