E3 2017: MercurySteam Takes on Asymmetrical Multiplayer in Raiders of the Broken Planet

MercurySteam is a developer with some serious attention on it these days. With the recent announcement of Metroid: Samus Returns, many gamers totally tuned out another huge game currently on their plate. This title is Raiders of the Broken Planet, a new 4 vs 1 game full of bad ass heroes and villains in an intense battle. Asymmetrical multiplayer games are undoubtedly popular right now – but what about this one makes it different from the rest of the pack?

The greatest asset of this “counter-operative” game is its splitting of players between four heroic Raiders and one player who becomes the Antagonist. There’s no better name for the role than that. Being a bad guy can be cool, and Raiders of the Broken Planet ensures that is the case here. When you’re an Antagonist, your goal is to ensure that the Raiders do not complete their missions via obfuscation and confusion. Up to four Raiders working together create quite a powerful force, but one that is still primed to be trolled by a better Antagonist.

Gameplay in and of itself comes across as a third person shooter. Where this diverges is that each Raider has their own skillset, from stealth to tank, to become a useful asset on a team (or as a lone wolf in single player). The thing is, all those cool actions and abilities are rendered useless when the Antagonist plays their role in the best way possible. For example, they could swarm so many annoying bad guys at you that you momentarily forget what the actual mission even is. Forget for too long and the other side wins, as you have failed to complete your goal. It’s easier to fail then you might think due to others playing mind games on you.

Of course, Raiders of the Broken Planet also happens to be a hardcore shooter without the addition of the Antagonist. Enemies are strong, decently intelligent, and ready to take you down at a moment’s notice. Simply rushing out guns blazing is unlikely to ever result in victory. Instead, players must keep a laser focus on their mission as well as learn how to best play with each character’s skillset. It’s at that point where the game is most likely to shine with equally matched Raiders and Antagonist in a match together.

Raiders of the Broken Planet also just plain looks awesome. It doesn’t feature characters that look like they were pulled out of Overwatch or a MOBA. Instead, they actually look much more like they’re from a gritty JRPG with some superhero flourishes for good measure. There’s also real effort being put into making the characters and story and integral part of the experience. Not only does MercurySteam wish to sell gamers on a fun experience but they also want to make them interested in the characters and their battles.

Ready to jump in with Raiders of the Broken Planet? You can actually sign up for the beta right now on the platform of your choice. The game is set to launch on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox One X, where it will feature 4K visuals and HDR support, later this year.