Hunt: Showdown Shows Off Extended Alpha Footage from E3 2017

In the deluge of games that is E3, it’s easy to miss some real gems, Hunt: Showdown is one of those gems. Today, Crytek, the folks behind Hunt: Showdown, released extended Alpha build gameplay footage from E3 2017. Monsters… monsters everywhere.

In Hunt: Showdown players will be partnered up to take on the hellspawn that seems to have taken hold over a horrifying backwater swamp. Hunt: Showdown showcases tense first-person PvP while also trying to fulfill individual contracts on the monsters that inhabit the swamp. Be the first to banish the monsters back from hell and take the loot for yourself.

The trailer below is terrifying in every way imaginable, with some tense nighttime swamp walking and monsters lurking around every corner. The boss in particular will make anyone with a fear of spiders, probably cover their eyes (the way it moves is terrifying).

See the horror that awaits in the trailer below: